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QR Code Event Gamification

Attendee engagement is a constant challenge for conference and trade show organizers. Attendees often visit vendor and sponsor booths only when they are already familiar with a product/service. Vendors want organizers to promote their business while attendees need to be motivated to engage booth reps.

The solution? Gamification. Event organizers can create a custom interactive “scavenger hunt” game to be played on attendee mobile phones. Smartphones are capable of reading a special kind of barcode called a QR Code (Quick Response Code). QR Codes are tied to the proprietary QR Wild mobile web application, printed on any material and can be placed at individual booths to provide vendor/sponsor information. QR Code game pieces can track attendee movement and provide an incentive to visit participating booths by offering points and unlocking “badge” awards. Game progress can be published to attendee social networks, further promoting the event and sponsor to a player’s social network. Scoreboards displayed on TV or PCs at the event will also motivate participation through competition.

QR Wild does all the work.

Create a QR Code Game For Your Event


Most of your attendees already own a smartphone. These are your attendees.. engage them!

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